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Date: 04/20/03

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At 11:15 AM -0400 20/4/03, (Bill Harris wrote:)
>Don, welcome back. You may want to check in with what Jack Whitehead is
>doing at the University of Bath ( Also,
>check out the "Connect with Others" section on
>There are a few people there interested in LOs and education.

Good recommendations as always from Bill.

You might also like to check out the guys at WEB Research here in New
Zealand (although they are currently overseas sorting out a European
country's rail business). They have done extensive work with schools -
developing schools communities (eg teachers, parents, students, managers)
ability to learn from each other. They are mostly ex-teachers (WEB stands
for Work, Education and Business), and use system dynamics from time to
time in their work.

They do some really interesting work in schools here in New Zealand. The
work is based on systems and LO principles but uses a modified Cultural
Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) framework rather than a system dynamics
base. I'm not suggesting that you replace one systems approach with
another, but that SD and CHAT can be used in tandem. CHAT draws from
Vygotskyian notions of meaning development, Wenger's concepts of
communities of practice (although in fact Wenger's work came out of AT not
the other way around), and Marxist concepts of historical dialectics.
What all this means in plain language is that CHAT is a very good means of
working out some of the more subtle yet critical variables to plug into
your SD model.

Check out WEB Research's website that explains all this better than I can
at :




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