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Vana Prewitt (vprewitt@mail.rdu.bellsouth.net)
Wed, 06 May 1998 09:26:32 -0400

Replying to LO17968 --

Fred Nickols wrote:
> I'm putting together an overview of knowledge management and have compiled
> quite a bit of material on my own.

...and it prompted me to post a follow-up on my request a couple of months
ago. My presentation has come to a standstill and will be taking a
different approach than originally considered. I had started with the
idea of presenting some high level overview information. It will not be
realistic to do this with the Executive Committee
[msg trimmed by your host...].

what they care about is performance, and my presentation will focus on
peer education techniques that can improve our company's performance. KM
will be a small feature of the discussion, and only for setting a context
to the theoretical world.

My home computer crashed about a month ago and it had some of the requests
stored on the hard drive. I'll send a copy of the unfinished original
presentation to those who were noted in my office computer. If you asked
for a copy of this presentation and do not get it, please resend your
request. My apologies for the delay, the change, etc.

Vana Prewitt


Vana Prewitt <vprewitt@mail.rdu.bellsouth.net>

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