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Thu, 7 May 1998 18:15 +0200

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Hi Fred,

You asked for some information about Knowledge Management. I?ll try to
help you.

I suggest you to visit http://www.sveiby.com.au. Here you?ll find lots of
useful information about Knowledge Management and how can be meassured.
See the "Invisible" Balance Sheet.

This page belongs to Karl Erik Sveiby (guru and consultant), he has been
studying for a long time how knowlwdge management helps firms to create
more value for customers and shareholders. He belives that companies have
"intangible assets" (knowlwdege as an asset) and he made some studies
about the relationship between the trend of a company?s stock and his use
of knowledge.

Sveiby has written a book that you?ll find in his Internet page. An
interesting book is: "Intelectual Capital: the new wealth of
organizations" by Thomas A. Stewart. More information in:
http://members.aol.com/thosstew/index.html. (One of these books could be
right for your multi-billiion president)

Johan and Goran Roos are considered too gurus of knowledge management.
They have working in an approach to Intellectual Capital model
http://www.intcap.com (strongly recommended). They are consultants.

Another places to have a look are:

As far as I know, some consulting firms as Arthur Andersen, Peat Marwick
and McKinsey Co. have put into practice systems to share and spread
knowledge in their organizations. They have developed powerful intranets
and virtual communities. Also, they have designed methodologies for
Knowledge Management

Jose Martin
E-mail: jose.huelves@grupobbv.com



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