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> Makes sense, and I see application in our organization. But, (please
> forgive a newcomer's ignorance), what do you see as "learning
> principles?" Does this mean attention to the five disciplines, or is
> there a handy list of LO principles?
> Learning by lurking,

I think the five disciplines form a core from which many things can emerge
as an organization evolves. For us, this has meant a gradual evolution in
the direction of stewardship, participative democracy, and functional
hierarchy. These are based on shared values and shared vision.

I don't think I have the list for which you are asking. My sense is such
a list is best developed in dialogue with your own organization.

You might want to have a look at the 'Six Criteria' for effective work
places that the Emerys presented in their work on participative democracy.
We've used these as the basis for the development of guiding principles
with clients going through organizational transformation.


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