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Cluff, Sabrina (scluff@pactdc.pacthq.org)
Fri, 8 May 1998 08:57:25 -0400

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I work for an international development nonprofit. A relatively new
movement in this field is the assessment of organizational capacity. The
team I work on has developed a discussion-oriented organizational
self-assessment process which we use to assess organizational capacity in
6 areas, compare the organization to a cohort of its peers, and identify
key functional areas (including organizational learning) on which to focus
organizational change efforts. Our approach is that organizational change
initiatives are much more effective when initially focussed on functional
areas where there is a relatively high level of agreement that capacity is
weak (our tool measures both perceived capacity and consensus).

The results from our first year of implementation are available at the
following website: http://www.edc.org/INT/CapDev/dosapage.htm . We are
just now completing our second year and hope to begin updating the website
soon. I am unaware of any similar type of tool being used in the
for-profit world, and look forward to hearing others' responses.


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