Changing Another Person LO19872 -was:Lectures, learning, etc.

Richard Karash (
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 15:27:40 -0500

Replying to LO19856 --

>I think it might be helpful to back up and reflect on the fit of the term
>"changing other people" ...snip...

> ... Perhaps "seeking to influence
>other people" might be closer to the mark? Still doesn't really do it for
>me though. Any other suggestions?

Yes, Mark, I was deliberately being provocative. But I find that people do
want to change other people.

I am much more comfortable "seeking to influence.." and this terminology
gets used a lot. But, is it really sincere? Or just a cover-up? Are we
really facing up to the reality (as I see it anyway) that we cannot
reliably determine the change that occurs for the other... And then live
happily with the fruits of the indeterminacy!

It might be more interesting and less frustrating than trying to control a

-- Rick


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