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> (2) Is it possible, and/or prudent, to blend employee development and
> employee performance into a singular process?

Bryan -

Check out Professional Dynametric Programs Inc., who has created the most
powerful psychometric tool I've seen in the corporate world! I am
convinced that you will find it to be a remarkable tool, useful for many
business employment and staff development needs.

I am licensed to administer, use and train others to use PDP. However,
being a Pastor, I have used this tool primarily in my church for both
staff and laity though it is a corporate tool.

I would encourage you to contact their corporate Hqtrs in Colorado
PDP, Inc. (Professional Dynametric Programs)
Bruce Hubby - President
750 E. Highway 24
Woodland Park, CO 8

However, the best web site I've seen among those licensed to use PDP is:
<A HREF="">Professional
Dynametric Programs (PDP)</A>


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