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Greeting from Sarawak, Malaysia to Bryan Siever

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My name is Bryan Siever and have been working in the OD field for 5 years.
I'm half-way through my MA in Organizational Management, and have just
joined a small engineering firm (50 employees) as "Organizational
Development Manager".

Two questions:

(1) Who out there has a unique and effective employee performance
appraisal system that instills learning and creativity as well as meets
legal and salary/merit (HR) requirements? We are weaving learning and
creativity through the cultural fabric here, so stuffy performance systems
will not go over well. (Average employee age 35-40, very bright, driven,
and no tolerance for traditions embedded within "Corporate America").

(2) Is it possible, and/or prudent, to blend employee development and
employee performance into a singular process?

Any and all feedback related to this subject welcome...

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This is an interesting subject which I have been carrying out organisation
observation and thinking with the application of system thinking for some
time, and with some experimentation.

Whether or not employee development and employee performance can be
blended into a singular process (or two or more), we need to consider the
operating system, thus the organisational behaviour and culture.

"Effective employee performance appraisal system" also entails -
"Motivation, Creativity, Sense of Being ..." which cannot be divorced from
organisation structures and mode of operating etc. ...

Indeed this subject is one part of the large System Domain, whereby the 5
disciplies : System Thinking, Mental Model, Shared Vision, Team Learning,
and Personal Mastery need to be applied and practiced.

I welcome more views and perspectives on the above, either privately
through emailing with undersigned or throught this mailing list.


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